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"To include gender identity and gender expression as prohibited grounds of discrimination . . . will make clear that Nunavummiut who are transgender have the same right to live a full and productive life as anyone else in the territory, free of discrimination,” he said in the Legislature. “This change will help . . . prevent discrimination and prejudice against people who are transgender in Nunavut.”

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Congratulations to some amazing colleagues of their recognition for their work in Objective Structured Clinical Evaluations. Makes me very proud to be here at FIFSW at U of T.

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Dr Brennan presenting at the LGBTQI Health Summit at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Paris, March 10.
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Manuel Picaud, President Paris 2018, Gay Games welcomes attendees. There aster over 200 of us!
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Cruising Counts: Participants' Ratings of Online Outreach Worker Interactions
Individual was friendly 92.2%
Individual used language I understood 87.1%
Individual was helpful 82.7%
I was comfortable with the interaction 80.6%
I was satisfied with the interaction 77.5%
Individual was prompt to reply 74.8%
Individual was knowledgeable and a trusted source of information 68.7%
The individual provided me with a useful referral 50%

  • “I find it difficult sometimes to remember when drop-in anonymous testing hours/locations happen, and the reminder that there is one in my ‘hood is nice.”
    Participant - Cruising Counts
  • “I wish the interaction could be simultaneous. My responses often had a long delay (like a day or two).”
    Participant - Cruising Counts
  • “The only downside is that the individual has to seek out and discover the services available to them—so having this sort of thing more accessible on apps…would be a good idea.”
    Participant - Cruising Counts