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Some of the latest published work from Dr. David Brennan and colleagues on what are the actual methods and topics used in health research for gay men.
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What is chemsex/PNP?

"It’s when people take drugs that enhance sex and make them feel uninhibited, more often in some gay communities. Typically it involves crystal methamphetamine, GHB (gamma hydroxybutyrate) or mephedrone, also known as miaow miaow, which can be snorted or swallowed. There’s also “slamsex”, which is when the drugs are injected for a more intense high. [...] According to a survey of over a thousand gay men in London, one-fifth had had chemsex in the past five years and one-tenth had done it in the past four weeks. According to a recent editorial in the British Medical Journal, some people said they do it to cope with internalised homophobia and negative feelings about their sexuality."

#link_time=1500282377" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://www.newscientist.com/article/2140756-what-is-chemsex-and-why-is-the-uk-government-worried-about-it #link_time=1500282377
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There are a number of gay men missing in Toronto. Several of these cases have happened in the last couple of months. Does anyone know if the Toronto Police Service is doing anything about these missing men? I have not seen any news reports except via The Toronto Sun (?!?)
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Cruising Counts: Participants' Ratings of Online Outreach Worker Interactions
Individual was friendly 92.2%
Individual used language I understood 87.1%
Individual was helpful 82.7%
I was comfortable with the interaction 80.6%
I was satisfied with the interaction 77.5%
Individual was prompt to reply 74.8%
Individual was knowledgeable and a trusted source of information 68.7%
The individual provided me with a useful referral 50%

  • “I find it difficult sometimes to remember when drop-in anonymous testing hours/locations happen, and the reminder that there is one in my ‘hood is nice.”
    Participant - Cruising Counts
  • “I wish the interaction could be simultaneous. My responses often had a long delay (like a day or two).”
    Participant - Cruising Counts
  • “The only downside is that the individual has to seek out and discover the services available to them—so having this sort of thing more accessible on apps…would be a good idea.”
    Participant - Cruising Counts