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Gerardo Betancourt
26 June 2017

Interviewer: What is your role in the CRUISElab?

Gerardo: I’m a [PhD] fellow student so I work and my supervisor is Dr. David J. Brennan. So I help with the different tasks, sometimes I help with the surveys, the testing, the scales, getting literature, helping in general with some tasks.

Interviewer: Wow! And how long have you worked for the CRUISElab?

Gerardo: I started in the very beginning, I think since 2014. So I’m kind of the pioneer of CRUISElab.

Interviewer: Is there a specific project that you have devoted a lot of time to?

Gerardo: I was part of the first project that Dr. Brennan had – it was on body image. But, I think the CRUISElab actually started after that project.

Interviewer: What has been your most memorable moment at the CRUISElab?

Gerardo: For me, many of them have been in conferences. I remember going to Australia, presenting in Melbourne. And I had the chance to meet in Sydney with a fellow [CRUISElab-er] George and my supervisor Dr. Brennan and it was very nice to realize that being in CRUISElab could take you that far – to that part of the world, all the way to Australia.

Interviewer: What is your advice for a prospective student hoping to pursue a Masters’ or PhD in Social Work?

Gerardo: I think they need to have lots of passion for taking care of others and social problems. I also think they need to have lots of passion for learning all the time and the program is very interesting at the University of Toronto, it’s one of the best programs in the world, and it provides you equal opportunities to develop qualitative and quantitative skills and knowledge. So in my case, I had to train myself a little bit more in the quantitative because I never had that experience before, but it was a great problem and it gave me great skills in the end.

Interviewer: Can you tell our followers a little bit about your thesis?

Gerardo: My thesis is about Latino gay men in Canada, specifically sexual practices of Latino gay men who are engaging in interracial sexual activities and practices with locals. We want to see if the factor of race and accent actually has an impact on the way that people plan their sexual practices.

Interviewer: And finally – can you tell us something fun about yourself? J

Gerardo: Sure – so I’ve been playing water polo for the past 10 years and I love it! So I think that’ something fun and interesting about me.